A new way to create healthier menus

Eating habits are changing and everyone is looking at calories and costs. Want a solution? Blend finely-chopped, umami-rich mushrooms for a portion of ground meat in your favourite recipes. Mushrooms and ground meat blend seamlessly to provide a better nutritional profile, all the taste guests expest – and can save on food costs.

Create healthier menus

To serve fewer calories and less fat, saturated fat and cholesterol, replace a portion of ground meat for mushrooms. At the same time you can sabe on food costs.

Try blending 50% mushrooms with 50% ground meat in the following favourites and see how much you can save – not only nutritionally but on critical food costs.

  calories fat saturated fat sodium cost
burger 24% 25% 37% 6% 27%
meatballs 26% 39% 50% 8%
crabcake 8% 26% 68%
beef tacos 41% 50% 57% 39% 30%
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