Agrocybe Aegerita

The hat is 3-10 cm. When it is young, the hat is domed, then it becomes flat and in the center can be a nip. It colour is greyish brown, ocher, beige, lighter toward the edge. The surface is smooth, often choppy.

The trunk is white or light brown, 5-15 cm long and 0.5-1.5 cm thick. Generally cylindrical or slightly tapering downwards, often curved.

Plates are grown to the trunk and thick. When it is young, plates are white, yellowish gray, later they become tobacco brown.

The meat of the hat is elastic, whitish, in the trunk the meat is fiber-optic, at the foot it is brown. It has thin, drooping white collar which later become brown because of the spores. Its aroma is unique, reminding to radish, its taste is like snow.  It can be found from April to November, mostly on or around the trunk of soft wood (poplar, willow).

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