Brown and white shimeji

Shimeji Mushroom or Beech Mushroom is the third most popular mushDSC_0360_GGroom in Japan after shitake and enoki. They are called Beech mushroom because they often grow on fallen beech trees. You can find in the nature in Eastern-Asia and Northern-Europe.

These have a white base and cracked, speckled brown or white caps which are so very pretty. Shimeji mushroom is very healthy.  It provides a significant source of niacin (35% daily value) and is a good source of protein, fiber, and antioxidants. This mushroom is also cholesterol-free, low in calories and a tasty meat substitute.

Do not eat raw because of its bitter taste. With cooking this bitter taste disappers. Its texture once cooked is smooth, crunchy. Shimeji mushrooms are buttery and nutty. Do not dice, use the whole mushroom. Perfect to pair with noodles, stir-fry meat and frutti di mare!


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