Duck breast with shiitake sauce and beetroot salad

Duck breast with shiitake sauce and beetroot salad

By 2015. January 15. Thursday

It is worth to try it because you will have great success! It could be part of the Christmas menu because it is very spectacular and elegant.

  • Prep Time : 60 minutes
  • Cook Time : 60 minutes



Shiitake sauce:

Toss the shiitake in a little oil, salt and pepper. Add 3-4 tablespoons of white wine and start to cook. Sprinkle over the finely chopped tarragon and add the cream. Stir a little and set aside. This way the mushrooms do not have too much liquid. If you would like more sauce, add more cream. The shiitake can be replaced by seasonal wild mushrooms, button mushrooms or oyster mushrooms.


Steam or boil the beetroot or bake in aluminium foil. Allow to cool, then peel and dice. Squeeze over one or two lemons and garnish with finely chopped dill.

Duck breast:

Make small incisions in the duck breast skin, just into the fat. Fry both sides in a non-stick pan with a lid. It is best to fry the skin side till beautifully golden brown. Be careful of the hot fat when turning as it can spit.

Place on a grill tray with in a preheated oven (230-240 °C). Cover and cook for another 15-20 minutes.

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