Easter and cultivated mushrooms

DSC4779Traditional Easter dishes are perfectly complement ed bythe cultivated mushrooms. Put on the table either horseradish and ham or lamb, both spicy stewed mushrooms or mushroom sauce made of  button mushroom or oyster mushrooms will be a great companion.

One big advantage of cultivated mushrooms, such as button mushroom or oyster mushroom is that they are available throughout the whole year, so there are always fresh in the market or on the supermarket shelves. They have special, unique characteristic odor and taste. Their gastronomic value is excellent, their nutritional effects are also very beneficial. They can be eaten as a separate dish, but the ideal companion for meats, vegetables as well, so we can say that the real food specialities.

In winter when there are less vitamins, button mushroom or oyster mushroom are very gooTulipsd alternatives, so we don’t have to miss fresh products and vitamin-rich diet. Both mushrooms are rich in vitamin B and D,  among minerals we find phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and in  case of button mushroom, selenium. Mushroom is a very useful food during the Lent period before Easter because we could use it as meat substitute. It is easy to complete the traditional recipes with chopped mushroom which use ground meat such as meatloaf, meatballs, pancake filling, pasta. A good advice is to cut always the mushroom in to as small pieces as the meat which we use and use as much of the meat and mushroom mixture as the amount of meat indicated in the original recipe. If we mix mushrooms with the meat-based dishes, we can reduce our daily calorie intake, we can get more nutrients to our bodies (vitamin B and D) and enrich the taste of food and last but not least, we can reduce the salt content!

You can see that the use of mushroom is unlimited and its health benefits are also proved. It is important not to peel because we can lose very important minerals and nutrients! If you want to keep the traditions but with a little innovation, try out Easter recipes! You can prepare these recipes easily and quickly and among the whole family the success is guaranteed!



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