Frequently asked questions about mushroom:


– Do I have to peel or wash the button mushrooms before cooking?

– Because during mushroom cultivation, mushroom generally doesn’t in contact with infectious material from the outside, it is not certainly necessary to peel. Washing is recommended only if you want to eat raw. But washing no way means soaking. It means washing under running water, just clean muhsrooms with a quick rinse from the possible contamination. If the mushroom seems to be clean, it has dry surface, it doen’t need to be washed.


– Can cultivated mushroom cause poisoning?

– Not at all. Cultivated mushroom called Agaricus bisporus is a bred version of wild mushroom found in the nature. Its propagation material (mushroom spawn) used for production is made in a closed system, with breding process of many decades behind, so it is exluded its mixing with the toxic mushrooms.

– How long is the edible the button mushroom?

– In general we can say that  you can eat button mushroom stored in the fridge for 4-7 days from harvesting but if the hat of the mushroom of several days is dry, not slimy, not stained, it does’t smell, it is safe to eat.

– How long does it take to bake or cook to get ready?

– Button mushroom needs 5-10 minutes of steaming, be careful not to overcook, to retain its valuable active ingredients, vitamins. Larger opened mushroom caps or an inch thick sliced steak ​​mushroom can be fried at high temperatures, up to 20 minutes in a pan.

– How much button mushroom can I eat in a day?

– The recommended amount is 100 g per day, this means either 1 large opened portobello mushroom or 3 medium-sized mushroom cap which can be perfectly grilled, filled, baked. Consuming daily these 100 g button mushroom  you can do a lot for the preention of your health.

– How does mushroom grow?

– The mushroom is highly sensitive to various pests and pathogens (bacteria, competing molds, pests, etc.). The production needs clean rooms, the air temperature and humidity, as well as the raw materials have to be optimal at all times during the production. The biological and chemical reactions needed for the growing are started in on the various shelves of the mushroom growing rooms or in the cellars bags in case of a mushroom cave. The first phase takes 14-17 days when the mycelium of the mushroom spawn interwoven the compost. Then comes the covering which lasts another 14-17 days. The compost has to be covered with soil (peat) and watered with pure water that mushroom gets enough quantity of water for the development because 92% of mushroom is water. After an additional 12-14 days begins the phase of harvesting or picking. The modern, high yielding varieties grows in 3-4 waves holding a break of 4-5 days. The cycle of mushroom cultivation is 9-10 weeks, about 65-70 days. The used mushroom compost can be recycled as improver to enrich the soil in horticulture eliminating the environmental problems caused by the secondary product.

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