GoPink again!

“Go Pink!” is the worldwide slogan in October of the campaings to fight against breast cancer and rise awareness of the importance of prevention and screening tests and October 1 of each year is the breast cancer world day when all of the partipicants and activists put a pink ribbon. Joining the international campaign, the Hungarian mushrrom grower company, Bio-Fungi Kft also wrap the button mushroom in October in pink trays for third year and helps the anti-cancer work of the Hungarian Cancer League. The speacial packages are available in TESCO and ALDI stores and both Bio-Fungi gives 5 HUF and the two retail chains also give 5-5 HUF after every sold tray to support the Cancer League.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among Hungarian women. In Hungary 5-6000 new patients per year are diagnosed with breast cancer. The disease is more frequent among 50-65-year-old women but unfortunately it is becoming more common among younger people. The risk of breast cancer is 8-10% among the Hungarian women which means the every 10-12 out of 100 women has the disease. The earlier stage is investigated. the better chance of treating, so the prevention is very important as nutrition, doing sport, making self inspection at home and screening tests above 45 years.

What is the relation between breast cancer and mushroom consumption?

A California Research Group showed that mushrooms contain substances which reduce the activity of the enzyme called aromatase which increase the estrogen hormone level. The excessive production of estrogen increases the risk of breast cancer. The regular consumption of button mushrrom can help in the prevention of breast cancer by interfering the rising of excessive estrogen level in the body.

In addition, inflammatory, antiviral, cholesterol-lowering, immune system strengthen effects of button mushroom are also known and it has also good effect on blood pressure and regulate blood sugar. Button mushroom is low in calories, it doesn’t contain any fat and cholesterol, it has high water and fiber content. It is rich in minerals (selenium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium) and vitamins (D, B, C) and it is strong antioxidant.

The cultivated mushroom has special, uniquely characteristic odor and taste. It has excellent culinary value, nutritional value and positive impact of eating. You can eat raw as a separate dish, but it is ideal for meats, vegetables, it is a real delicacy. It has unlimited use, the most important thing is do not peel, because the valuable minerals and nutrients are under the hat skin. As it is grown under modern conditions, the consumption of button mushroom is safe and it is availabe in fresh all over the year!

Choose button mushroom in pink trays and support the fight against breast cancer!

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