Grilled African catfish with mushrooms and sweet potatoes

Grilled African catfish with mushrooms and sweet potatoes

By 2015. March 2. Monday

My personal experience is that in a ceramic pot it is very easy to make a dish so my message to the cook-loving husbands is that a ceramic pot is an excellent Christmas gift for their housewife! 


Taste the catfish fillets with salt and pepper, sprinkle them with lemon juice and in a heated frying pan or ceramic pot bake 5-5 minutes on each side. Add the sliced, salted and peppered mixed mushrooms to the fillets. Fry the fish and the mushrooms together for a few minutes and then press the garlic in it.

Place the mushrooms on a salad bed and sprinkle the fish with spices.

Serve with sweet potatoes: cut it into cubes, salt and pepper it, add some garlic and fresh rosemary and with little oil place in heatproof bowl and fry it approx. for one hour in a covered aluminum foil. Bake in small heat-resistant bowl as separate portions!

It is very tasty!

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