Grilled hamburger with vegetables


Grilled hamburger with vegetables

By 2016. February 24. Wednesday

Try this traditional hamburger and you will love it!  

  • Prep Time : 20 minutes
  • Cook Time : 30 minutes


Mix the ingredients for the hamburger in a bowl. Shape the hamburgers in your hands.

Prepare the vegetables. Slice the courgette and the aubergine. Halve the tomatoes. Remove the stalk of the mushroom.

Make a marinade with the olive oil, salt, pepper and fresh herbs. You can use thyme, coriander, basil or oregano.

Toss the vegetables in the marinade and grill at the same time as the hamburgers. While the hamburgers and vegetables are cooking, prepare the dressing.

Mix the finely chopped dill, crushed garlic, salt and pepper into the yoghurt. If you don’t like dill, then blue cheese is a good alternative. Simply grate into the yoghurt, but leave out the garlic.


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