King oyster mushroom

King oyster mushroom (Pleurotus eryngii) has a very special and exotic form and flavour, it is more similar to wild mushrooms. We can find it naturally in Eastern-Europe, North-Africa and Middle-Asia.


The size of the hat is 3-12 cm and its characteristic is a bent edge hat. The bulbous is stump which thickens down. The hat is brown or gray-brown of different shades, but the trunk is always white.

King oyster mushroom can be entirely consumed. It is very delicious, slightly spicy, peppery, it has aromatic flavour. Like other mushroom species, it also has also several health benefits:

  • reducing blood sugar level and regulating cholesterol level,
  • strengthening the walls of the blood results,
  • reducing eye pressure,
  • containing a substance which is effective in the treatment of tumor diseases,
  • strengthening the immune system.varieties-king oyster_GG

How to consume? Just put on the grill for a few minutes, it is delicious with fresh vegetables and dips!

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