Kuehneromyces mutabilis

It grows in group on the trunk of smaller leafy trees,. The hat, the plates and the trunk is yellowish brown, on the trunk there is a small collar and under it there are small scales. Its hat has a hemisphere form often in the middle with a small, flat hump. It is 2-5 cm high but it can grow to 10 cm high. It is thin-fleshed. Its color is brown, tan, mostly more intensive in the middle and often there is a darker band running around the edge.

Its plates turn from light brown to dark brown. The powder of the spores falling from the plates paints the soil and the trunk of the tree into dark brown. The spores are yellow, ovoid-formed.

Its trunk is slender, smooth, mostly curved, 5-12 cm long and 0.5-1 cm thick. Its collar is brown, torn, hanging down and later insignificant. The trunk is lighter above the collar, underneath is dark brown, at the base is black. Under the collar it is thick or curled, covered by small, brown scales.

The meat of the hat is soft, flexible, white, in the trunk it is hard, brittle, tough and brown at the bottom.

We can find it from early spring to late autumn on dead but not yet rotten tree trunks or at the foot of old trees, on mossy trunks, roots, in shady, damp forests, located in groups. In one group sometimes there are more than 100 hats. It can be grown on tree trunks as well.

This edible mushroom has good smell, it tastes very good. It is recommended as soups, salads.

Source: http://mek.oszk.hu/adatbazis/lexikon/phplex/lexikon/d/gombak/25.HTM

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