Mushroom consumption has beneficial effect on body weight

A new study published in FASEB Journal found that the consumption of mushrooms has positive impact on the regulation of body weight. The one-year, randomized clinical trial of the weight control center of the Faculty of Medicine Bloomberg of Johns Hopkins University  showed if red meat is substituted by bisporic champignons, it offers an effective alternative in weight loss and sustaining weight.

Threceptfüzet-salátae experiment involved 73 adults (88% women; average age 48.4 years). Half of the participants were in an intervention group which consumed a daily cup of mushrooms instead of meat, the other half were of the standard diet group. At the end of the one year period, the research results show that people substituting meat with mushroom lost 3 kilograms of weight and their body compound also improved compared to the standard diet, and they could also able to maintain weight loss.

The new research is congruous with previous research results which also showed that the low energy density foods, especially mushroom consumption could be efficient method to reduce daily energy and fat intake instead of the high energy density of food (for example, ground beef) while still retained in the fullness feeling after meals.

The author of the study presented in Boston held at the Experimental Biology 2013 conference, Lawrence Cheskin, is the associate professor of the University.


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