Mushroom inflammatory effect

Australian researchers say that a diet containing oyster mushrooms, onions, sweet potatoes, oregano, cinnamon and cloves are largely able to cure chronic inflammatory processes.

110276_laskagomba_600_1_GGGerald Muench, professor of Molecular Biology Research Group at the University of Western Sydney and his colleagues  in their latest study analyzed the inflammatory effects of basic foods found the traditional kitchen. “The oyster mushroom is more effective than brown or white mushroom” – the researchers say.

Inflammation is the body’s response to the damaging effects on the body, but unfortunately sometimes the inflammation is able to turn against his body. Chronic inflammation is often play a significant role in a number of senile diseases, eg. degenerative arthritis (osteoarthritis) or Alzheimer’s disease.

More food in the past have been proven to have significant anti-inflammatory effect, Professor Muench and his colleagues have now sought to determine which of these are the most effective. “The basic idea was to select the best basic foods using which we can recommend a complex,diet to patients.” – says Muench.

Common foods

The researchers collected 115 ordinary and common foods from retail chains: vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, soft drinks, herbs, spices and spice blends and made extracts from them. The raw materials were heated in a microwave oven for 10 minutes, then mixed with water.

After they studied the ability of foods to reduce the amount of inflammatory markers (cytokines and free radicals), so they added macrophage cell extract to the mixtures which simulated the reaction of the body to a virus or bacteria attack.

The experiments showed that the six most effective anti-inflammatory foods are onions, oregano, sweet potatoes, cinnamon, cloves and mushrooms. “Honestly in case of mushroom we did not expect such a significant anti-inflammatory effect. This was a surprise. “- says Muench.

Medical applications?homepage_logo

According to Professor Muench these initial trials may be an appropriate basis for further experiments which aim would be to apply the traditional food as anti-inflammatory agents.

“Our experience has shown that these are potent foods that are worth to look deeper in the future. In medical application they can be especially useful as a high potential level, because the greater the anti-inflammatory effect, the lower the treatment dose can be used. “

The professor said that in case of foods treated with strong warming they could demonstrate that the anti-inflammatory capacity was maintained in spite of cooking but, of course, further in vivo studies are needed to fully prove this.

According to preliminary measurements it is sufficient consume 200 g daily from this foods, that the anti-inflammatory effect can be measured but, of course, determine the precise amounts require further research.


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