Mushroom Plan Diet

Katy Perry and Kelly Osbourne claimed this diet based on muhsroom consumption helps to loose weight. In all their food there was a mushroom, what’s more, the volume of food was mushroom. During two weeks  sometimes they could eat fish, chicken, salad as well.

What is the key?

gombasrukkolasalataThis mysterious creature that is neither plant nor animal, is rich in protein and fiber, low in calories, it is actually an ideal food source. Contrary to popular belief, button mushroom can be consumed raw! Edible mushrooms contain around 92% water, 2-6% carbohydrate (non-starch) and very little fat. 40% of the dry matter content is protein but because of high water content, this is only a fraction of the total weight. In 100 grams of mushrooms there is just 20-40 calories and diabetics can feel free to eat mushroom. It contains in addition to these also B and vitamin D and zinc as well.

What is this diet?

The diet lasts 14 days containing mushrooms from morning to night. Digestion is getting faster due to a lot of fiber consumption. The expert analysts unanimously believe that mushrooms are useful ingredients in diet but only if you eat carbohydrates, animal protein and other vegetables as well.

gombalevesgaluskaval1How to set up the fungus healthy diet?

Anyone who really loves to cook and loves a good mix of mushrooms, a versatile menu can be prepared. Mushroom soups, dishes, salads, garnish can be prepared. If besides button mushrooms and oyster mushrroms, you use other types as forest mushrooms, a very good taste can be achieved. It is also important to know that mushroom dishes should be consumed on the same day as preparing because of degradation processes.

Source: Diéta&Fitnesz 2016/4.

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