Mushrooms: Diabetic-Friendly Vegetable

Mushrooms are a fungus. If you think about that very long, you might not feel as inclined to eat one. But that would be a mistake. Mushrooms are very nutrient dense, and mushrooms are a wonderful addition to a healthy diet. Learn why mushrooms are a dieter’s friend and why mushrooms are a diabetic-friendly vegetable.

Mushrooms: Highly Nutritious

Per cup of raw mushrooms, mushrooms are low fat (0g), low-carb (2 g), low-sodium (4mg), low-glycemic load (2), low-calorie (15), high-fiber (1g), and rich in nutrients. Here are some of the nutrients you can expect to find in mushrooms: Thiamin , Vitamin B6, Vitamin D, Magnesium, Folate, Vitamin C, Riboflavin, Niacin, Iron, Phosphorous, Zinc, Potassium, Copper, Selenium, and Manganese.

One negative aspect about mushrooms is that for some people, mushrooms are mildly anti-inflammatory. The positive aspects about mushrooms are how nutrient dense mushrooms are and how great they are for diabetics trying to manage blood glucose levels. Dieters also benefit from the low-calorie content.


Mushrooms: Great Meat Alternative

If you’re not into eating mushrooms raw, you can always cook with mushrooms or eat canned mushrooms. Eating canned mushrooms right from the can is a real treat, if you’ve not tried it before. In addition, you can add mushrooms to spaghetti sauce–with or without meat. You can sauté mushrooms and fold them into your omelets. Mushrooms have a meaty texture that stands in for the taste and mouth-feel of meat. Vegetarians and vegans are quite familiar with the wonders of mushrooms in place of meat.

blending_2Mushrooms: Great for Food Moisture

Another way to use mushrooms is to chop them into small bits and work them into ground burgers, meatloaf, or meat balls. The mushrooms help keep the burgers moist, as well as add flavor and nutrients. Whole portabella mushrooms can take the place of a piece of meat in a sandwich. Simply remove the stem and fry the mushroom or grill it for a unique taste.

Mushrooms: Great to Eat Raw

If you prefer to eat mushrooms raw, a simple dusting off of the tops with a damp rang is enough to clean them. If the mushroom is fairly large, you’ll need to slice it in half top to bottom, place sliced end down, and then make slices across each half. Smaller mushrooms will only need to be sliced across once. Raw mushrooms are a wonderful addition to vegetable salads and other vegetable entrées.

Although the price of mushrooms can sometimes scare shoppers away, don’t let the price of mushrooms deter you. Pick up several baby portabellas and experiment with this versatile vegetable in your diet. Try a pasta sauce with mushrooms in place of meat. Add some sliced mushrooms to your next green salad, or eat mushrooms right out of the can. Welcome mushrooms into your diet. Enjoy the taste, while your body enjoys the nutrients.


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