With button mushroom against cancer

Button mushrooms are often referred to as a tool to fight against cancer. Its regular consumption can help to prevent breast cancer by preventing the excessive rising of estrogen levels in the body. The excessive rise of estrogen is caused by the operation of the aromatase enzyme , especially for women after menopause. For the treatment of estrogen-related cancers, aromatase inhibitors are currently used. The effect of aromatase have been associated with other types of cancer, such as prostate, bladder, ovary cancer. It has been demonstrated that with the presence of inhibition of the aromatase enzyme materials the development of these types of cancers can be successfully prevented.

In the case of prostate cancer, another enzyme,  called 5-alpha-reductase can be associated with the disease, which causes problems in the patients’ body with the disruption of the balance of testosterone. Researches carried out in 2004 showed that the active ingredients of button mushroom can inhibit the function of both aromatase as well as the 5-alpha reductase enzyme. What’s more in the case of tumors already emerging, mushroom extracts have successfully reduced the proliferation of cancer cells.

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