Keeps you fit!

Both wild and cultivated mushroom contain small amount of fat, only 1,5-3 grams calculating its dry matter. Regarding to the fresh weight it is lower, 0,3% maximum. This very low fat content are unsaturated, even polyunsaturated fats. In case of button mushroom it is demonstrated that the detected amount of lipids is about 15% of ergosterol, which is pro-vitamin D.

Apart of the fat content it is very important to mention that as we are talking about a food with high water and fiber content, button mushrooms are ideals for several diets. On portion (100 g) of button mushrooms contains almost half of the energy (92 kJ/22 Cal) as an apple or a fifth as much as one slice of bread. Besides the low energy content, another important characteristic is the high fiber content which is essential for the regulation of digestion.

Besides the preferred structure, with the consumption of mushroom we provide not only fiber our body but we enrich our diet with also many microelements and vitamins. Experts recommend to include button mushroom in the daily diet as part of the „5aday” fruit and vegetable programme.

Comparison of the energy content of button mushroom and some everyday food:

Food Energy (kJ/100g) Recommended Daily Intake
Fresh button mushroom 92 1%
Fresh brown portobello 109 1%
Canned button mushroom 105 1%
Fresh oyster mushroom 180 2%
Egg 201 2%
Apple 218 3%
Milk 251 3%
Banana 373 4%
Beef steak 490 6%
White bread 1114 13%
McDonald’s Hamburger 1118 13%
Muesli bar (with honey, fruits) 1424 17%
Potato chips salted 2290 27%


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